Saponins have many applications as natural wetting agents. They are characterized by their strong foaming capacity in aqueous solutions, from which they derive their name.



In addition to Quillaja saponin - with different technical grades, up to DAB quality - we also offer Gypsophila saponin.

We carry out the production of Quillaja saponins through special extractions, removal of impurities from the extracts and in the next step, a concentrate is produced. After clarification this concentrate is converted into a powder through spray drying.

In addition to Quillaja saponins we also offer:


Gypsophila saponins, which we obtain from soap roots. These are almost always more intensely coloured than Quillaja saponins and may even reach a brown colour. A complete standardisation is not possible because the roots are usually supplied unsorted and already mixed up. The amount of foam obtained from the soapbark root saponins is usually somewhat higher than that from the Quillaja saponins.