Industrial applications of saponins:

  • production of films and photographic paper

  • production of light-sensitive paper

  • in reprographics

  • as a surface-active substance

  • as a surface-active chemical in cosmetic products

  • as a foaming agent in toothpaste

  • as a gold and silverware cleaning agent

  • in the electroplating industry

  • as an additive in paints and varnishes

  • as a chemical in fire extinguishers

  • fats and oils emulsifier

  • in agriculture as a wetting agent, bio-pesticide and growth stimulant for plants

  • for pharmaceutical purposes, including vaccines and adjuvants (ISCOMs)

  • as a laboratory chemical for measuring specific blood values

  • as a special detergent for high-quality, delicate textiles

  • for waste water treatment (improvement of microbial growth, reduction of sludge production)